Tampa Bay Taijiquan Instruction in Chen Style Practical Method
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I teach Chen Style Tajiquan, the Practical Method under the tutelage of Master Chen Zhonghua (Joseph).
Master Chen is the International Standard Bearer of this linage and I have studied with him since 2003.
In 2005 I was honored to be accepted as his disciple.
(For detailed information about Master Chen, his linage and the Chen Style, click here)
Lessons are taught in separate facility at my home in Brandon, 10 miles east of Tampa, Fl.
Sessions are on an individual basis unless a small group wishes to train together.
Call or email for an introductory appointment so we can establish a suitable time and fee schedule
based on the number of hours of instruction desired per month.
Phone: 813-503-6249
Contact by email...
Email: kallbritain@gmail.com
1018 John Moore Rd, Brandon, Fl 33511
Kim Allbritain (me) in China 2002
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