Cleveland TaijiQuan Instruction in Chen Style Practical Method Taiji
Chen Zhonghua and the Practical Method of Taiji My Road to Chen
I practice Chen Style Tajiquan, Practical Method, under the tutelage of Master Chen Zhonghua (Joseph).
Master Chen is the International Standard Bearer of this linage and I have studied with him since 2003.
In 2005 I was honored to be accepted as his disciple.
(For detailed information about Master Chen, his linage and the Chen Style, click here)
Sessions are on an individual basis until I manage to find some acceptable space having only just returned to the Cleveland area.
Call or email for an introductory appointment so we can establish a suitable schedule
Phone: 813-503-6249
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12031 Edgewater Dr, Cleveland, Ohio
Kim Allbritain (me) in China 2002
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